Sportscar Driving Amsterdam

Sportscar Driving


Are you a fan of sportscars than this is the activity for you. Of course you can rent a normal car in Amsterdam but this is something else!
Drive a Audi R8 or a Maserati Gran Turismo S yourself and experience the beauty and power of these cars.

The instructor will welcome you and  tell more about the cars. Afterwards you can drive yourself on the main road around Amsterdam.

Circuit Racing:

This is also an option for your party. Especially when having an incentive with the company.
Speed up and let’s see who is the “fastest” employee.

Sportscar Racing Amsterdam: 

Location: border of the city, highways.
Car to select: Audi R8 or Maserati GranTurismo S
Duration: 30 minutes standard, extending is possible
Price from € 150,- per person

This activity in Amsterdam is great to combine with another exciting activty like Target Shooting Amsterdam or Quad Biking Amsterdam.

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