Bananabar & VIP Clubbing

Bananabar & VIP Clubbing

This is the ultimate party combo for die hard clubbers who like to have a fun night out.

You will start your night out with a visit to the world famous Bananabar. We will arrange your reservation and set a time of visit for you. Enjoy 1 hour of free spirits and get amazed by the trick you will going to see. The lady welcomes you wherafter the show will start.
Get to see the writing of a postcard with a vagina and experience some great tricks with a banana. Tell your ladies not to try this at home .. One thing is for sure, you won’t forget this night easily.

Separate tickets Bananabar 1 hour:
€65,- incl all spirits and drinks
No waiting lines

VIP Clubbing:
After your bananabar visit we will arrange your transfer to the club of your choice. Of course we will recommend you the best places to go. You will enter via the VIP lane so no waiting lines for you and your company. We have included some bottles of liquor in your party package. Your private host will explain the choices for the night. There is a choice out of all the big brands like bacardi, grey goose & jack daniels. Enjoy your drinks while meeting beautiful ladies in the club. Enjoy the DJ beats. These are the ingredients for a perfect night out.
Enjoy guys!


Bananabar & Clubbing:
Location: Amsterdam centre
Minimum 5 persons*
– guidance to locations
– entrance to locations
– free spirits for 1 hour
– free recommendations nearby bars & restaurants
Booking in advance needed
Price from: €150 per person,-
*Ask for a quote when coming over with less people.

Bananabar & clubbing Amsterdam is great to combine with a limousine ride to the locations.

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