“This is the Rolls Royce amongst all the canal boats in Amsterdam”

– Luxury lighted ceiling

-Designed by Dutch Ociris

– Equipped kitchen and luxury toilet

– Sound system & Fireplace

Amsterdam’s first high end design ship

This authentic tug boat was built in this very city in 1928. In 2015 it was transformed into a modern design ‘living’ on the water, one of a kind with exceptional luxury and comfort. Yet, it kept its original curves. Robust on the outside, warm and luxurious on the inside. 



A kitchen for ‘live cooking’. Very comfortable (removable) couches for maximal flexibility. The after deck with lounge and side windows can be opened if the weather allows it.
You can book this boat for meetings, sitdown dinner, luxurious lunch, walking dinner, contract assignments or a party, everything is possible. For presentations the latest technical equipment is available on board. This ‘beauty’ has its complete own identity, drives 100% green and electric and is available for high-end-events. Capacity of max 45 guests.

XXL Skylight for all occasions

Ociris’ designs guarantee eccentric shapes and natural materials; a XXL skylight with a diameter of 2mtr in the rooftop for an optimal view of the canal houses, a long table of Swiss recycled chalet wood finished with epoxy, a roof of transparent stone with unique and subtle lighting, in the center of the boat and a fire place made of hand curved slate.

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