Golf Amsterdam

Golf Amsterdam

The perfect outdoor activity while you visit Amsterdam and need some green surroundings.

9/18 holes courses
We have selected the best 9/18 hole golf courses for you to learn the basics or go on the greens by yourselves.

We assist you with booking a tee time or your lessons when you don’t have much golfing experiences.

Pitch & Putt
When coming over for a stag do or bachelor party it can be fun to book this activity.
Especially when you have more activities during the day but still like to enjoy the golf game.

Golf Clinic

When most of the group members does not have any golf experience it is recommend to book a golf clinic.
You will learn the basics of golfing, teached by a golf professional.
You start at the driving range where you will be practicing your swing
Depending on the duration you will follow up on the green for putting & pitching lessons.

We understand you can’t bring your golf clubs so we arrange a rentable golfset for you.
We also arrange your transfer to all the golfcourses around Amsterdam.

Golf in Amsterdam:
Location: multiple locations
Booking in advance needed
– golfclinics
– tee time’s
– private lessons
– transfers
*Evening golf possible! Special lighted course & driving range.
Ask for all the options!

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